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Aviation Consulting

We support our customers throughout Europe
with the highest level of aviation advisory services.

Volcon Aviation offers a wide range of services in Aviation Advisory, Airline Operations and Asset Management with particular focus on Airline Strategy, Investment Opportunities and Interim Management.


We offer expert and specialist advice on several disciplines of airline operations.

We understand that aviation industry is highly complicated and the industry players might be forced to adapt to the new realities. We definitely believe in aviation industry and understand that in aviation traditional investment analysis requires special assessment of company accounts, industry dynamics and economic outlook.

Volcon Aviation identifies factors that could have a material impact on the earnings of companies in the airlines sector. We and our partners are highly experienced and we can demonstrate several decades experience in aviation industry core sectors.

Our strengths are Investment Proposals, Turnaround Strategy Development, Financial Auditing , Airline Operations and Aircraft Asset Management. We also have access to top management which is required for executing successful going concern strategies.

We support our customers throughout Europe with the highest level of advisory services.